Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Spring/Summer Fashion Loves

Spring is my favorite fashion time of year. I love bright colors, sun dresses, and lace. I have put together some of my current favorite spring going into summer trends.

Mauve is the color this spring and summer. This pink shade is a great way to add a little color, white is my other must have spring and summer color. I always feel spring is the time of year to be a little more feminine and light. 

The Maxi is a must have! They can be a statement piece all on their own or you can use them as a blank pallet and let your accessories do the talking.  The top maxis are my own. The bottom ones are all from Forever21. Maxis work great for spring and summer because they are so light weight and easy to throw on. Most of the colors and patterns they come in translate perfectly from bright spring to a funky fall. 

 Shoes, shoes, shoes.. Spring and summer can be tricky for shoes. During spring the ground can often be mushy and muddy from that last bit of lingering winter. And for Summer you are so hot you don't want anything covering your feet. But like most fashionistas know, the shoe can complete an outfit. Vintage style shoes bring the charm for spring. I always like an oxford-esque show or boot. Sandals in the summer don't have to be boring old flip-flops anymore. Add some color and texture with a great shoe.
My accessory obsession this season is stones. Turquoise is my favorite. It gives an urban feel while adding color. Also the phanny-pack is back and I am loving it! I actually have a little black one to work this summer. Sometime a purse is just too in the way and a hassle. If you can condense what you carry on your person life gets simpler. However, I always have a big purse with everything I need kept in my car. 

Spring and Summer are perfect times to be daring and try something new. There are so many opportunities of outdoor festivals, patio dates, and sunny parties. Cheers!

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