Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Fall Play List

Well it is finally that time of year, FALL!! The weather has been perfect here, brisk yet still warm, sunny with just enough wispy clouds making all the fall colors pop. Fall is the start of no radio season for me. Fall and Winter are the two seasons I want to set the mood with my tunes instead of hear the hits all day long. Here are my tunes for getting me into the Fall mood...

Some of these artists are similar, I like kind of slower indie dark and moody songs for fall. Lana DelRey, She and Him, Pulp, and Kate Nash fight in that category. M.I.A. and Santigold are my pump up and jam a little on those sunny Fall drives. Too much depressed romance music can put you a little too much in that dark mood, so you need some loud girl power in there.

Some other artists who appear during Fall-
- Beatles
- She wants revenge
- Yeah yeah yeahs
- Talk radio (like real talk radio, not a band)

What artists and songs make you think of fall?

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