Sunday, November 25, 2012

Photo Dump Vol.4

My past few weeks have been pretty charming. I am starting to get into the winter spirit. Life has been simple, but in a good way. Here is what my time looks like according to my Iphone..

 1. MPR on our little tv/radio
2. Some Professor Layton on a slow work day
3. My care package from my bestie!
4. Nails of the week.. mint accent
5. Co Op coffee for my trip to the cities
6. My baby love
7. Pretty dishes at a bridal shower
8. Jello shots shots shots and my girlfriends
9. My glitter sweater and some tea
10. My cowl by MaDonna and my winter mint coffee drink

What has your week looked like?


  1. I love your pics! You are adorable. I love your glitter peter pan collared sweater - so cute!! I also love saying your url really fast :-D it has a real nice ring to it lol! Xo

  2. I like your nail varnish, plus you have a cute cat :)