Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stocking Stuffers Vol.1

December is right around the corner. I sometimes feel it is still too early to be thinking of Christmas, but I know it will creep up fast! I guess it is never too early to start thinking up gift ideas. Here are my first five suggestions for great stocking stuffers!

1. Bobble- A bobble is a great gift! Especially if you have a ecofriendly friend or family member. It is a reuseable water bottle that every few months you just buy a new filter for. You can find these at Old Navy and Target and probably most department type stores. I love my bobble!
2. Tea! I just mentioned this holiday tea in a wishlist post. Celstial Tea is my favorite, and their holiday flavors are gingerbread, candy cane, sugar cookie, and peppermint! Those are perfect holiday tastes.
3. I can never get enough socks in my stocking! During the year I always buy the cheap $1.50 Target socks and get holes in the toes pretty fast. A stocking is a great place for some nice new socks! The three pack of nice neutral colors is from Forever21 and is only $4.50.
4. Essie nail polish or any kind is a good little gift for stockings. These colors are forever yummy, good as gold, and tart deco.
5. Finally car scents from Bath and Body Works! They have adorable holiday scent holders in too, but I already have one so just getting the scent packs is good enough! These scents are holiday and winter. There are scents of all kinds so you can find the perfect smell for everyone!

Hope these inspire you to go out and get great little gifts for your loved ones!

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