Monday, November 12, 2012

Tis the Season..To bundle Up!

The first snow fell last night, and to my horror this morning it was still slightly left on the ground. It seems like usual I have forgotten how awful I find winter to be. Sure the snow is pretty, the smells and flavors are delightful, and of course the joys of Christmas day (not all the Christmas chaos leading up to it) but that cold chills me to my very bones. I seem to loose all sense of fashion in the winter. I like layers, I just have never been that great at layering. My best bet at layering is a cardigan over a t-shirt. This chilly season I am going to try and have a decent winter wardrobe. However, this post is all about the outwear a midwest girl needs to keep warm while spending time outdoors.

First things first, a coat. The main source of warmth. I am pretty picky about coats. I have more nice cute fall jackets than winter coats. Sometimes it is hard to find something that is lined well inside and adorable on the outside.
Urban Outfitters
Both these coats are flattering fits, warm material, and super fabulous. Teal and Leopard print are my two favorite accent colors/prints, they are even cute together. I find winter coats to be a bit of an investment. They tend to be a little pricey so you need to make sure the coat will be in style and wearable for multiple years.

After a coat you will need cozy winter accessories. Keeping my hands, face, and ears is my main priority. I just can't stand my extremities being frosty icicles. Winter accessories are also a great way to add personality and color to your outerwear.
Scarves and mittens are my lifesavers. I am not a big hat person, I prefer a cowl. In my old post baby its cowl outside I am wearing the teal cowl my grandma  made for me. Also my lovely friend MaDonna is going to make me a new one too. Sometimes it is hard to pick out accessories because you don't want all your outerwear to not match. I tend to not mind mixing and matching so as long as you own your color palates then I say do what you please. Also I just really want to stay warm.

The final big thing you will need are boots! All the snow, ice, and winter gunk can really do damage to your shoes. I have relearned this lesson every winter. I just don't find most actual snow boots cute. Keeping my toes warm lack when wearing my normal shoes. Feet are a hard thing to handle though, too cold when walking outside, too hot once you find refuge indoors. I am hard to please..

DSW is where I found these few acceptable boots. Lets face it they are not that cute and fashionable, but they are versatile enough to not ruin a charming holiday wardrobe and they are made for the winter terrain and keeping in the warmth. I think the middle pair is my favorite. They don't seem as clunky and I like the slipper-esq of them.

So there you have it, all the necessities to bundle up and make it through this season we are about to plummet into. Stay warm followers!

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