Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gillian Flynn's Books Review

I heard Gillian Flynn on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and was immediately intrigued. She is a suspenseful thriller author. Her books have twists and are often dark. I have read Sharp Objects and Dark Places. I am just starting her newest book, Gone Girl.

Sharp Objects is written all from the perspective of the main character. She is a journalist who is sent to her home town to write a story on two young girls who were murdered. She has major issues with her family and a dark childhood. Between her struggle to survive at home she tries to help solve these murders in a small southern town.

Dark places is written in the perspective of three people. Libby Day, the main character, her brother Ben Day, and her mother Patty Day. Libby is the survivor of her family who were all murdered, while her brother Ben is sent to jail for the crime. Libby, later in her life, is approached by a crime obsessed group who wants her to rethink her brother's guilt. Ben's and Patty's chapters are all written within the day of the murder. This book takes so many turns and keeps you wondering the whole way through!!

I am only a few chapters into Gone Girl. It is written from the main guys point of view and his wife's journal. I havent gotten a grasp on it much yet. I believe the wife goes missing and things get pretty dark and twisted.

Gillian Flynn caught me in her web of thrills and chills. I highly recommend her books. They are about average in length and are pretty quick reads. What books are on your must read list?

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