Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My day in town

Today I decided to gain some Independence. I took a bus into town all on my own. Lancaster is a small town, there is a city center area and thats about the most exciting part of town. It is really pretty and charming though! Brick and stone walk ways old and new buildings. I grabbed a coffee and wondered. I came across this huge bookstore! It was like a piece of heaven. Sitting areas to drink coffee and read, all types of books, cards, and character. Everyone is very kind. Made an old lady friend at the bus stop. Was told to go to the Lake District for the millionth time! I am still waiting another 2 weeks for my loan, sadly. I will be broke for a long time! That will keep me on campus for a long time. But everything I need is on campus. Any who, here are a few snap shots from town!

I didn't get any books. Everything is really expensive! Someday I will bring my ipad down and do some nook book reading at the book store. Also there is a Starbucks in case I need a taste of home! I now plan on staying in most the night and watching some Netflix! I just made myself some veggie and chicken curry! NOM!! 

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