Sunday, January 19, 2014

Orange is the new Black Review

Since I have had more free time than expected, I decided to jump on the prison train. I powered through this show and loved every minute of it! One of my favorite parts, as a gender and womens studies major, was the sisterhood/womanhood the show provided. There is still a division of race and sexuality, inmate vs guard, and woman vs woman conflict, but when it comes down to it the women truly look out for each other. Sadly I kept comparing it to this recent season of American Horror Story. A coven of witches screamed some awesome feminist lady power bitches, but instead its petty "woman" issues pinning them all against each other and killing each other..sort of. Any way, back to Orange is the new Black!

The cast is full of amazing women, each with their own personal story on why they got sent to prison. The show obviously has a focus on the main character, Piper Chapmin, but almost all the women get their own side stories that show how they became who they are. Through season one you watch Piper learn the rules of prison and how to find her spot among the" criminals." I put that in quotation because yes they committed crimes but you learn so much about each woman.  The show makes you question what you find wrong and right. At first you clearly relate to Piper and think she is not like any other woman in the prison, she just doesn't belong there. As time goes on you love everyone and wish non of them were there! You also really question our prison system! So many times I found myself appalled at many scenarios the show portrayed. Do criminals really deserve that? Are criminals less than people? Should they be treated that way? The power dynamic is played out beautifully in the show! As I said before, the gws student in me loved analyzing this show!

The first season is all on Netflix and season two is rumored to be coming out this spring. I highly recommend this show! It is hilarious and drama filled. It deserves all the talk and high reviews it has received. I will eagerly be waiting for season two!!

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