Friday, January 24, 2014

Money Money Money ain't it Funny

Well since the whole Target hackers in the States happened my bank is sending everyone new debit cards. So my bank and family worked together and got the card sent to me. Since my loan money just came in today I wasn't worried before. However, it has taken almost 2 weeks to get here and that should not be the case. So now I am working on trying to get another one. I had money transferred to me through Western Union. Which was very helpful, just wish the exchange rate was better and I had access to my cash. So I am still basically money-less. On a side note I am going to Preston tomorrow to go to a Primark. Primark is a huge store with great prices! Best place to go when I have no money...probably not. But at least I will still get out and do something. And I can always go back. Morally of the story, stay positive things will fall into place at some point!

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