Thursday, January 30, 2014

Manchester Afternoon

I finally have full access to all my money!! I decided that meant I deserved a trip back to Manchester. I went all on my own and got all my train and bus tickets on my own! I am just a little local! I wanted to hit up Primark and get some good deals on clothing. It was nice to just walk around a big English city and know where I was. I went back to a few places I had been to my first day in the UK. Here are some sights..


 Manchester Cathedral

 Hard Rock Cafe

National Football Museum

I did some shopping, mostly at the Primark! I walked through a big shopping center too. It was really nice to walk around and know where things were. I maneuvered the city pretty smoothly and recognized stuff from my first visit. It is a great feeling knowing you have learned a new city. 

So here are some things I bought! I can't wait to find more shopping places around England. I had to get an I heart Manchester shirt, I couldn't resist the touristy item. I find it funny and ironic, and it was only 3 pounds so Holla!

My next trip may have to be London! I have two days off next week! Go for adventure and do all you can!

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