Thursday, April 26, 2012

No more Yellow Polk-A-Dot Bikini

It may feel like spring has just started and summer swim time is in the distant future, but its never to early to start scooping out new swim trends.


There are so many new fun ways to rock the bikini these days. There are cold colors, patterns, cuts, and styles. The high waster bikini is always nice for a tad of a vintage look..or to cover that tummy pooch you didn't have time to work off. I love the striped sailor looking suit. Since bikinis are so revealing its always nice to add a bit of flirty fun to them. All these suits are from Target.

One Piece-

 Who says one pieces can't be sexy? I am more of a bikini kind of girl myself, but these are some smokin' suits! The first one is animal print, which is obviously a trendy print. The trick of that suit is the deep plunge makes it appear like you have a long torso, perfect for all you shorter gals. I am not huge on the middle suit, but side cut outs are another trend and add a little sexy to the one piece. The last one is my favorite! It is so cute and flirty! These are all also from Target.


Vintage style suits are making a come back, and I love it tons! The vintage style makes me want to wear two pieces! Meeoow! I think a tan would go great with the middle suit. The bottom one had a matching top, but i think a plain black top cut like the sailor suit would be adorable with those bottoms. The print and high waste are just to die for. All these suits are from Modcloth

I rarely buy a new suit every year, but this year the suits coming out are just too cute to pass up. What style do you plan to invest in this summer?

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