Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playing Paper Doll V.2

I am at it again, playing my own version of paper dolls. I online shopped and put together a few looks. This paper doll edition is festival themed. With spring here and summer around the corner it is about time festivals will begin.
The rock/music festival is the perfect time to edge up your look. Fringe is a great way to add some texture and fun into a look. Shorts with studs also help add some rockin' details. I also love these sandals! They are dainty yet edgy. However, if you are going to a hard core rock music festival shoes with your toes peeking out isn't always the best idea. For accessories keep it minimal would be best. The fringe is what makes everything pop.
 An art festival is the perfect time to dress bohemian and flowy. A high low skirt is a great piece to show off. The crop top is big this spring, but not everyone is comfortable with showing off their tummy. Any bright color top would look nice with this outfit. These flats are so adorable. Each piece in this outfit is a stand out piece but they also flow well together.
Local festivals are the most fun! Whether it be a carnival type or a fundraiser event, this is the time to dress to impress. Bright colors and patterns are sure to make you stand out in the crowd. This look was semi inspired by the 50's. The sunglasses and top are both vintage-esq. The fun part about bold colors is that you can mix multiple bold colors together. Bright coral pants match nicely with the bright blue purse. Mixing and matching colors, textures, and patterns is a great spring trend.

Now you are ready to tackle your festival inspirations! Go out there and enjoy! All these pieces were found on

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