Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend&Fashion Wrap Up

I had a very busy weekend, but in a good way! On Friday we had a big party for my grandfathers birthday! We had a band and everything. It was nice to see family and eat yummy food. Then on Saturday my friend Amy and I went to visit our friend Allie at St. Olaf college! The three of us went to MOA to go shopping and then hung out on campus. I will be having quit a few outfit posts coming up with all my new clothes. Then finally on Sunday after getting back to town Amy and I went to the International Festival at MSU!
Crepe from MOA! Yum!

 International fest is so much fun! There were so many booths of food from tons of countries! I drank so much Mango Lasi! The flavors of the world are the most delicious! You could get food for $1-4. There was also performances of dance from around the world and tons of booths with stuff to buy, like jewelery, fairtrade treats, and baby bamboo trees.

As for my fashion this weekend I got spring fever all over again. Here is what I wore Sunday.

 Dress: Forever21
Cardigan: H&M
Belt: Target
Earrings: Forever21/Ebay
I am more than in love with this dress! It will be perfect for summer concerts, festivals, and gatherings. I plan on wearing a jean vest with it once it warms up a little more. I do wear a slip under it (from target). This dress is all lace and not lines, so a slip or something should be worn under it. Or use it as a cover for your swimsuit beach days! The mullet dress is a pretty big trend and I am glad I found one I like. 
What has spring inspired you to wear lately?

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