Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Review

Well it was that time of year again! Christmas came and went and now I miss it so much! I had an amazing time with my family, filling my gut with tons of food, and opening all my gifts. Speaking of gifts, I thought I would show you some of the things I got.
*A Marilyn Monroe Calendar, Harry Potter Scene it (with all the movies!!), A ghost face bobble head! Love!
*My two new Monster High Dolls! Drankulaura and Frankie Stien! Those are my girls EKKKK!
*The Walking Dead book 5, My own little China picture book (all picture from my trip to China), A cat Diary for Cow Kitty! This is the cutest silliest gift ever! Definitely recommended for Cat lovers!
*It was a very Leopard print Christmas! I got a new leopard purse, cardigan, dress, and shoes. I am in kitty heaven!
*Pretty Little Liars on DVD, new Amy Winehouse CD *Some wall decorations made my my dad's friend and her daughter. So cute!
Some other gifts not pictured
*Purelux eye shadow*nail polish*earrings*Hello Kitty cardigan* lotions and body spray*pin up body suite*vintage hat*slipper socks*cozy blankets*humidifier*lace dress*cat grass for cow kitty*Victoria Secret gift card*Snacks*Money*socks*and a few more things here and there

Mark and his perfect pushup
There was another big gift we all got, but I can't say what it is yet! Stay tuned!
How was your holiday? What were your favorite gifts? Happy New Years!

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