Thursday, December 1, 2011

November in Review

Well it is officially December now! November went by in a flash and I have a feeling this month will too! Since November has come to an end it is time to review the month.
Cow Kitty being Wild!
What Happened This Month-
*Mark's birthday was on the 5th. I took him out to lunch and made him dinner. We had a good time with friends that night.
*On the 15th it was my cousins 15th birthday! The family got together for dinner at my aunts house!
*I bought the final Harry Potter on DVD! I made Mark watch it with me..he wasn't as excited as me. Hehehe!
*I went to a play at MSU with my friend Allie! She can into town just to go with me.
*I went to see my family in Colorado! I got to spend time with my wonderful foster siblings. 
*I ate tons of yummy food out in CO with my family on Thanksgiving.
*We made gingerbread houses and cookies! I haven't made either in years!
Favorite blog posts (Mine and Friends)-
40+ lifestyle & fashion tips for Late Autumn By Madonna! She had so many good ideas and there were so many things I wanted to do from her list!
30 Things to do before Winter Her post inspired me to make my own little list of things to get done before winter! 
To Do post by Devin is such a cute little idea! It is a great idea for a gift or just a fun craft activity!

Favorite Music, T.V., & Food-
*ABBA *Pulp *Adele *a little Christmas music
*Friends *The Walking Dead *Bad Girls Club *America's Next Top Model *Modern Family *Mentalist
*Gingerbread steamers & frappuccino *spinach and artichoke dip *Bdubs *Apple Jacks
What to look forward to in December-
*Christmas shopping*Decorating the house and Christmas tree*making Christmas cookies and desserts*pretty snow falls*cozy cuddly chilly nights*Parties with friends*Warm Sweaters*Helping my aunt and uncle move*Wearing ugly Christmas sweaters to work*Eating good food for the holidays*Seeing family and friends*Christmas eve and day!*New years eve!

How was your November and what do you look forward to in December?

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