Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

This weeks wish list is all about things I want to do this December and this winter! Normally I like to just stay cozy and warm all winter, but that can get a little boring and make me stir crazy! It is always nice to get out and go have fun. Here are a few things I would really love to do.
Snow tubing is so much fun and I haven't gone in years! There has been some talk between Mark and our friends to make a day of it and go tubing! We have Mt. Kato, which is basically some big hills where people can ski, snow bored, and of course tube! It actually hasn't been too snowy this we will either wait till January or just have a blast in the fake snow!
I have been really into fancy Christmas parties lately. It would just make my holiday season to get all dressed up and enjoy the company of friends. I would also enjoy just a good ol' ugly sweater party with friends. It is a great time of year to all get together have some tasty food and just bask in each others company. Oh and see all the cute decorations!
Well if I don't get my wish of a Christmas party at least I have New Years to fall back on! There is always some kind of party and get together going on that night! And it is the perfect excuse to get a little dressed up no matter where you are going. It is just kind of a fabulous night!
As much as I hate driving in the snow, I still think it is pretty and makes winter a little more fun and playful. You can have a friendly snowball fight or build a happy snowman. I also really liked making snow angles when I was little. Snow really brings spirit to this time of year.
The last thing I wish for is a nice romantic date. Now that it is getting chillier out everyone stays in more. It is always nice to go out to a nice seat down restaurant and just talk the two of us. Neither Mark nor I have a fireplace, but it would be nice to play some games or watch a good movie. The Christmas tree is in Marks downstairs so it would add a romantic touch to be downstairs for our little date night together.

What are you wishing for this week?

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