Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter Wonderland!

Well it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas! It snowed over the weekend and looks like it will be sticking around. I think snow looks beautiful, but I have awful driving anxiety when its snowy and icey out! So if I don't have to drive I try and stay in. So tha'ts exactly what I did today! I had a lazy day around the house, wrapped some presents, and decorated the tree!

 Like everyone else I have been busy making Christmas list after Christmas list for loved ones. Sometimes it is just too hard to think of ideas for that certain boy or girl. I have created a his/her gift list of some ideas to help everyone out.

1. What guy doesn't want his favorite T.V. show on DVD or his new music obsession CD. DVDs and CDs are always a nice and simple gift for your special man.
2.The perfect Push up is my next suggestion. If he isn't to interested in going to a gym he can just work out at home on his own time.
3. Every dude should have a tie for those special occasions that come up. Ties can be found in a wide range of prices, prints, and colors. You can find the perfect style for him.
4. Help him keep his feet cozy and warm all winter. Slippers are nice for around the house on those lazy winter nights.
5. A wireless game control is a must for the gamer in your life. Even if he already has one, a second means his buds can join in on games when they come over.
6.I found this mini bartender set at Target.com. It has 7 pieces and its simple look makes it acceptable for any kitchen.
7. Sweaters are something everyone needs during these cold winter months. They can also be worn everyday or on a special occasion.
8. Even though guys aren't in love with shoes the way girls are, they could steal use a nice pair of boots. These are from forever 21. Keep him fashionable and functional through the snow months.
9. You can get your man smelling just the way you want him. These manly body scrubs, after shave, and cologne sets often go on sale for the holidays.
10. A mini grill is a great gift! He can use this to make his own little bbq inside during the winter.
11. A nice small gift is a personal massager. He won't be able to get enough back massages from you.
1. A nook is a fabulous gift! Mark got me one last year and I love it. You can get the book you want without getting off the couch. And the new nooks have so many more options, like Netflix!
2. A pair of pajamas is always a safe bet. Girls love being comfortable and cozy.
3. Picture frames come in so many different looks you can find the perfect one to match your lady's personality. You could even put a nice picture in it for her.
4. A yoga mat might be more of a specific gift. I have wanted one for a while. You could sign her up for a few classes to go with the mat.
5. Pure Lux has the best mineral eye shadows ever! You can get sample sizes for just $1! And the sample sizes last forever! Its a cheap gift that she will love!
6. Shoes! This pair is from forever 21. I have been dying for a pair of bootie wedges. Just know your girls shoe size and get a pair of shoes she has been eying!
7. Coffee and a mug is a cute little gift. Like the picture frame you can find the perfect mug to match her personality.
8. Who doesn't love adding a new Victoria Secret Pink sweatshirt to their collection?! There are so many to choose from online and in the stores.
9. Bath and Body Works has such good car smelly-s. They make a good stocking stuffer or their own little gift.
10. Decorative ear buds are a big gift idea this year. These ones are Monster High earbuds. They are cute and great for travel.

I hope some of my ideas help you out! How are your Christmas lists going?

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