Monday, December 19, 2011

Gift Wrapping Tips

Wrapping presents is one of my favorite parts of the holidays! It is so fun to go through all the new prints of papers and boxes each year. I used to pick out cute little bows, but now Cow Kitty has decided to make those her toys and they never stay on the gifts long. I do have one big problem with present wrapping though..Mark is a gift guesser! No matter what I get him (even if it wasn't on his list) he can guess what it is just by looking at it. So I have a few tips to disguise your presents from your own gift guesser.
*Boxes, boxes, and more boxes! That is the best way to disguise most of your presents. You can always put something small into a bigger box. It works well to hide a cd or dvd in, since those two things have a very defined shape and size. You can use tissue paper to stuff the box and keep the items from rolling around.
*It can be hard to hide a big gift. You don't want to have to wrap an already big gift in a bigger box, so just wrap it with another gift. Use some of your more odd shaped gifts to make your big gift look even more odd shaped. This way you are disguising two in one.
*For gifts that make a lot of noise when your guesser shakes it you can be a little bad and open the gift and stuff in. If you put a bunch of tissue paper in a gift it wont roll around or make a give away peep. You can also do the opposite effect! Put some rocks or marbles in a box with your gift.
*Weight is often another give away to what a gift might be. You can't really make a heavy gift lighter, but you can make a light gift weigh more. Add a few small weights onto your gift then wrap it. Or wrap a light gift with a heavy one.
So there are a few tips to help you all out! Let me know if these work for you guys!

Can you guess what any of these presents are?! I just finished all of my actual Christmas shopping today! I still need to get my gift for the gift exchange game, but at least I already know what I want for it. Hope everyone else is having great luck getting all the presents for all their loved ones!

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