Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap up!

This weekend I did a lot of working! I worked both Friday and Saturday and babysat Pilot Friday night. After babysitting Mark and I got some pizza and watched some more Walking Dead. Saturday night I spent some time with my Friend Amy. We listened to some lovely Christmas music, drank a peppermint-y drinks, and decorated her sad little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. It was from the CO-OP and we called it a rescued tree. It is a sad dingy skinny tree that no one but the Friedman family would want. Then on Sunday my family got together to make tons of Christmas cookies!

We made so many different kinds I don't even know what is all in our box we took. There were caramel marshmallows, peppermint patties, peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips, peanut butter cup cookies, chocolate pretzels, pretzels with rollos, sugar cookies with mints inside, and I think even a few other kinds! We do this every year. We save some to eat for ourselves but also give them to friends for a little holiday treat!

 Then today (yes I know its Monday, no longer the weekend) I finally decorated the real tree I put up at Marks. I also put out our stockings. I want to keep Christmas shopping, but I am low on money until pay day. I love giving gifts. I can't wait to add some presents under the tree.

How was your weekend?

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