Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

Since Christmas is so close and I have already wished for everything I want for the holiday this weeks wish list is going to be about shows I wish were on T.V. all day and everyday! These are the few shows I could never get sick of watching.
 The first show I could watch nonstop is Skins (the British version!). Mark and I just started season 5 and even though I wasn't as into the second generation cast I still can't stop! As much as it sucks that each generation only gets two seasons I really like that it keeps the show fresh. The characters can never fall out of character because the show goes on and on. I love this teen mellow drama sooooo much!

I LOVE FRIENDS!!!!! I have been watching in on DVD every night before bed for like 2 months! I watch the same episodes over and over and it never gets old. I wish there were a million more episodes. I do like the earlier seasons more but I will take what I can get.
After the very first episode I completely fell head over heels for Dexter! Season 1 and 4 are beyond amazing! I still get as anxious and worried as I did the first time I watched, even though I know what happens. I don't have showtime so I only get to watch when the show comes out on DVD. So if I had my wish it would play on T.V. all day long just for me to tune into on my free time.
Yes I know Chelsea Lately is on T.V. every night multiple times, but I just wish they would play all the old episodes on her own little T.V. channel. Watching the round table crew make jokes always cheers me up, even if I wasn't in a bad mood.

Some people may think these two shows are just awful and everyone in them are dumb and nasty. Well get over it people!!! They make great crazy dramatic television and I eat it up! Sometimes I get really into it and want to fuel the drama flame! As much as I like getting to meet new girls on bad girls club and watching all the fights unfold, I would still like to re watch old seasons. I guess I am a big fan of reruns.

What shows do you wish you could always watch?

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  1. thank you for the sweet comment about my sweet kitty!!! I am watching Friends right now! Big Bang is something I never get tired of watching and Friends of course