Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

This weeks wish list Wednesday is dedicated to Cow Kitty! Here are a few things on her little kitty Christmas list.
Cow spends a lot of her time sleeping. So why shouldn't she have a lovely bed to sleep in? These suitcase cat beds are so cute and look nice compared to other pet beds. You can also make one of these yourself as a DIY project. Cow Kitty often sleeps on the dogs bed, maybe this holiday she will get her on cozy bed.
One of Cow meow's favorite toys are these little mice. When she is in her wild playful mood she just goes nuts with these. Be careful though, because more than once I was scared she had a real mouse! EK!
All cats love the rare treat of canned food. I don't give it to her much because I don't think it is very good for cats to eat a lot of it. Every Christmas I do get her one can. She always goes nuts and growls if you try and take it away!
Even though she only gets canned food once a year doesn't mean she can't have a little treat every now and then. Like most cats, cow has her naughty moments. I catch her eating food off the counter, climbing the Christmas tree, and chewing on the plants. So when she listens and does good little kitty things she can have a treat.
Cow Kitty loves starring out the window. Since my window is only open for a few months she doesn't get much time to sit in a window. This little window seat would be perfect for her. There is a lot of different designs of these seats, so you could find one that fits the decor of your house. I found a bunch on Pet Co's website.
So there are just a few things Cow Kitty would love to unwrap on Christmas. What things are your pets wishing for?

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