Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just a little Holiday check in

Hello! I know I have been very on and off with my blog posts. I am sure everyone can understand between work and getting ready for the holidays time runs a little tight. So here is just a quick check in,
I have been keeping very warm in all my cozy sweaters! I got two used ones from work for only $12! I bought a new ugly sweater (mine is more cute than ugly!) from work and have 2 wonderful ones from last year still. I just can't get enough sweater time this year!
My little rudolph friend was given to me by my bestie Amy! We exchanged gifts early. She also got me a fabulous purse I'll post pictures of it later! Me and Rudolph took a note from our friend MaDonna and made some clove oranges! Cow Kitty might get on the naughty list for playing around the tree.
Finished project! They smelled so yummy while I was making them. So far Cow has avoided the tree more..hopefully these worked and she isn't just bored with it. I have finally finished all my shopping including my white elephant game gift. Now I just have to keep going to work and wait for all my Christmas fun to begin! I will be going to my Dad's after work on Christmas eve and then my mom's side on Christmas day! So excited!

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