Monday, October 17, 2011

Bats and Bubbles

I decided to send my foster siblings (they live in CO with my mom and step dad) a little Halloween package! I went to target and found some spooky ooky fun. I bought little bats, bubbles, some Halloween pencils, orange and purple notebooks, spooky socks, cards, and two picture frames with a picture of me and each of them. Also baby pumpkins but those aren't in the picture.

It was so fun shopping for my foster siblings I wanted to make all my friends a little Halloween basket. Why can't Halloween be like easter where we get a little basket of goodies? Here are some pictures of other fun Halloween things I found!
Scary Skulls! Ekk


Clearly I love glitter! These are all cute little gifts for people who love Halloween! I like bats, skulls, and pumpkins! And cats of course! What would you want in your Halloween basket?

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  1. awww, what a cute care package! <3 good big foster sissy!