Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wish List Wednesday

This post is a day late..opps! On some Wednesdays I will be sharing some things I have had my eye on and would love to have!
The first thing I have wanted for a while is this Maneki neko juicy couture charm! I think I will add it to my christmas list this year. They can get pretty expensive on ebay though!
I have wanted a leopard print cardigan since spring! I have fallen in love with this animal print. I think it is a must have for fall too. Unfortunately this one is from Urban Outfitters and sells for $50!!! OUCH! Way to much. Hopefully it will go on sale someday or I will find a cheaper nice one.
Like I said I love leopard print! I was waiting for my pay check to buy these boots off but by the time I got it they were out of stock! I was even willing the pay $30 for them. I keep checking to see if they get them back. Haven't found another pair of leopard boots anywhere else yet.
I already had these earrings in blue and they were my absolute favorite pair! But I lost one at my aunts wedding. : ( When i went to find them on again they were gone. Hopefully they will come back with the boots! They were only like $3!

So there is my Wednesday wish list. What have you been wishing for?

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