Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Wrap up!

It was Halloween weekend this past weekend! One of my favorite weekends of the year! This Friday the family all got together to carve pumpkins. 

 On Saturday it was the second year Mark and I had a Halloween party. We get the house all decorated and have our friends over for drinks and fun. The night went so fast I was bummed when it was over. I also didn't get to take many pictures this year because I was distracted talking to people. Hopefully others have some good ones I can steal! This year I was Wonder Woman and Mark was Where's Waldo!

I kept my make-up pretty simple for my costume. I used Elf cover up powder, pure lux and manic panic eye shadows, glitter, Kendra hairspray, and cover girl lip stick.
Wonder Woman Make-up

  On Sunday it was my little cousins first communion, I am one of his godmothers. Then after the family, mark, and I all went to get breakfast at Busters! Yum! The rest of my Sunday was pure bliss. Mark and I did a quick clean up of the house and then laid in bed and watched Vikes football. We also made apple crisp, grilled cheese, and tomato soup! The delicious flavors of fall all in one meal. Finally we watched the new episode of the Walking Dead and The Thing!

The Apple Crisp is so tasty and easy to make. You just buy the box mix and then you just need butter and the apples. We used Honey Crisp, they are my favorite! It bakes for about 30 mins and then you put some ice cream on it and enjoy! All and all it was such a fun and cozy weekend with loved ones!
Hope everyone else had just as fab Halloween Weekend!

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