Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fall Favorites

1. Pumpkins- I love the look of pumpkins! I also love the taste and the smell! On a chilly fall day a hot pumpkin spice latte is so perfect and comforting. Baby pumpkins are my cute! But i also love big ones so i can carve them.

  2. Horror Movies- I can watch horror movies all year round but fall and especially October are the perfect time to watch. Its all spooky out during the fall so what would be better to watch! Some of my favorites are the classics like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Scream!! Eekk!

 3. Weather-  The weather is one of my favorite parts of fall. Also how all the leaves turn lovely fall colors and all the corn fields around my house. It sets the perfect mood for spooky ooky fall fan. When I was little I loved making piles of leaves to jump in!

4. Clothes- Since fall weather gets chilly I can cover up with some cute tights and a fuzzy sweater. It is fun to mix and watch patterns and colors. Leggings are one of my favorite pieces of clothes and fall is the best time to work them. I like over sized and cosby sweaters to add a cute twist to fall.

 5. Halloween- Of course my absolute favorite part of fall is Halloween!!!!! Fall wouldn't even have its spooky chilly feel to it without Halloween to look Forward to! I shared a few of my Halloween costumes from the past few years! I will post more about Halloween when it gets a little closer! 


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