Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This Weeks Outfit

This weeks outfit was inspired by my work, Ragstock. That is where the sweater and skirt is from. I had bought the skirt in early spring and then later in the fall put this outfit on a body form and fell in love! It is comfy and stylish with not much effort. And the sweater keeps me warm while the lack of leggings keeps me cool, just for the fall temps!

My scarf was my bridesmaid gift from my aunt! <3 My necklace is a gold birdcage with a little bird on a birch in it. I got it from Target last fall or winter maybe. My earrings are my grandmas, she let me borrow them! I think they are so adorable. They tie in nicely with the classic look of the outfit.
My shoes are from Urban Outfitters. I ordered them online on sale! They have become my number one shoe for fall. They are navy blue with cream oxfords. They have just enough flare to stand out as a shoe but don't take away from the rest of the outfit.

What are your favorite fall items? What are somethings you just can't stop wearing?

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