Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vintage Dream Bedroom

Everyone imagines their dream bedroom. A place that is all your own for you to do as you please. I like to check in on to day dream of all the things I wish I could afford for my own sanctuary. I would love a vintage inspired bedroom, black and white with just a splash of blue and pink. I also want a lot of art and pictures on my walls and shelves. Here are some ideas to create this perfect bedroom look.

Aria's bedroom from Pretty Little Liars!
These rooms look so cozy, like a little place to escape to. I love the birdcage mirrors in the top picture. I watch the show Pretty Little Liars and am always so envious of Aria's bedroom. I like the idea of an attic feel bedroom. I have also always wanted a window seat to sit and read in or just relax. Also i like how cluttered the room is, yet everything has its own place.

I have always wanted a bedroom big enough for a comfy chair to fit in. I am so in love with this print and lovely blue color. I like to use the excuse that if I had a nice place to sit I would find time to read more.
Black and white with a hint of color

I think it would be nice to have one long wall be wallpaper and the other walls painted. My room now is light gray and I like it a lot! I want a sleepy room to have loads of wall space! I love wall art and would hang it all over. I have a slight obbsession with picture frames too. I enjoy having pictures of my loved ones all around. I also have some pinup girl pictures in picture frames in my room. I think it is a cute little idea. Here are some prints I would love to have up on my wall and shelves.

That isn't even including pictures of my friends and family. Art is just something that can really set the mood of a room. I want vintage, daring, yet calming art in my room. I also like little nic-nacs for in my room. For my dream bedroom I would need a large space. Someday I will put all my wishes together and create my perfect space all to myself.

What inspires your bedroom?

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  1. that first picture of the vintage bedroom is GORGEOUS. i would kill to have that room!