Friday, October 21, 2011

My Spooky Friday

My night started off with me doing some homework at the Coffee Hag. I had a yummy Bee's Knees drink (honey, butter cream flavor, and steamed milk)!
Then my aunt, Channa, called so we could get together and have Halloween fun. We went to the party store, Michaels crafts, and Peir One. I found so many cute things at Peir One!

A cute strawberry dish! It was on sale for $10!!! But I have no money until pay day tomorrow. These cute serving dishes with tiny spoons and stacked matching tea cups with tiny plates, GLITTER Halloween decorations (cats, bats, and pumpkins!), and these adorable pumpkin salt and pepper shakers! I can't wait to have my own little cozy home to decorate. Also I think I want to start collecting salt and pepper shakers, they are just so cute!
I got some Halloween crafts to do while my aunt worked on her costume (a witch doctor). I painted a tiny coffin and my frakin-buddy! I also bought a pretty white ceramic skull! We watched a Mystery Science Theater and Dawn of the Dead. We snacked on popcorn and beer cheese soup. All and all it was a nice calm evening.