Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Carving with Mark!

Yes I know there has been a whole lot about pumpkins on my blog lately!! But I did say they were part of my top 5 favorite things about Fall!! After my spooky Friday I had another spooky Saturday! Mark and I got lunch together, watched Halloween, carved pumpkins, and went to the haunted house in town! OOoooOOooo Spooooky!!

I picked out my pumpkin from Hy Vee haha. We were supposed to carve pumpkins last Sunday but got to caught up in the new Walking Dead!! We sat on the bedroom floor and gutted each others pumpkin for the other. Mark did a face and I tried (key word tried!) to do a bat on a tree branch. It didn't turn out so great. Also I couldn't get the sharpie marker lines off. Oh well it was still lots of fun!

Hope everyone is carving fab pumpkins! I will be carving another one with my family later this week!

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